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Writ Filed in Nepal Supreme Court Challenging Constitutional Council Annulment

A writ was filed in the Nepal Supreme Court challenging the Constitutional Council Annulment, which was initiated by President Bidya Bhandari.

The writ was petitioned by advocate Omprakash Aryal as the legal practitioner claimed that the Presidential ordinance was unconstitutional.

A meeting with the Constitutional Council was conducted after the ordinance was issued on May 9. In this meeting, new names for the vacant council seats were already suggested.


The petitioner who challenged declared these recommendations as unconstitutional as he deemed the ordinance to be invalid.

Nepal Law

The writ opines that these recommendations made in this meeting are against constitutionalism and the balance of constitutional power.

Subsequent to the ordinance, two appointments were pitched so far. The first recommendation was for the Constitutional Committee, and the second appointment was recommended for the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority.

The petition demanded that the Presidential ordinance should be invalidated, and the recommendations ought to be annulled.

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