Traveling is exploring the majestic wonders that the world has in store for us. It is also a journey that helps in self-exploration and is therapeutic. Traveling is not only a means of enjoyment and pleasure. It is also about creating some splendid memories with our loved ones and also with nature. Whether you are traveling alone or with your friends or family, it is always a journey that fills our mind with positivity. Traveling has the power to heal our body and mind. It gives us a glimpse of different cultures, people, cuisines, practices and beliefs.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

St. Augustine

Traveling can be compared to a book as emphasized by St. Augustine. We constantly journey through the pages of this astounding book. Some pages of this book ends on a happy note, whereas some ends in ambiguity. Some pages are yet to be discovered and explored. Instead, some traveling experiences teach us a valuable lesson. Whereas, some become a beautiful memory that we cherish till the day we die. The moments spent with nature, with our loved ones and also with local people and their culture gives us an enriching experience. Therefore, in simpler terms, Traveling is a soothing experience that comforts us and relaxes our mind. It is important that at least we try to travel often alone and also with our family and friends to create a lifetime of memories.

Certain studies also show that traveling has health benefits. For instance, it lowers the chances of heart diseases. It is the perfect antidote for reducing stress and anxiety. It also improves our overall general well-being. Here are the reasons for why we should travel more. So, let’s dive in!


Traveling disconnects you from your daily routine and forces you to deal with uncertainty. It helps you to adapt to changes and face challenges. Traveling can also help you to understand your weaknesses and strengths. It helps you to be patient. You learn to have patience with things that are out of your control like weather or delays in something. It makes you realize your priorities and stops unnecessary worrying about things that actually do not matter. You learn to have certain control over things that bother you or make you anxious.

Traveling boosts your confidence as you grow to see things that you have accomplished while traveling to certain places. This confidence also improves your communication skills as you learn how to interact with your fellow travelers. It is also a better way to dematerialize your life. You learn to live without things that you once thought were impossible to live without. It gives you a sense of freedom and independence. Moreover, traveling also makes you more responsible.


Traveling develops a deep understanding of the different cultures that people practice around us. It broadens our mind against the biased perspectives of the society. We learn to accept and appreciate different individuals coming from different strata of the society. It gifts you with tolerance to have an appreciation of things being different. It exposes you to different cultures and mentalities.

Traveling provides the opportunity to understand the history, the old customs, beliefs and practices of the people and the place. You get to talk more freely with the locals and have deeper conversations. You learn to appreciate different perspectives without criticizing them. Moreover, you learn to understand a different culture openly and tolerate it even if you do not agree with its weird beliefs and practices.


Traveling boosts your innovation and your cognitive abilities. Your creativity comes into play when you face a new challenge while traveling. For instance, you find ways to communicate in the native language of the locals. You learn to try different things that you have never done before. Or say, you learn to bargain at the local markets or even how to use chopsticks! It boosts our problem solving and analytical skills. As our mind comes up with new ideas and imaginations every day.

With the help of traveling, you tend to become more practical and think differently to find solutions in times of crisis. Your comfort zone infringes on your ability to try or even experience new things. Whereas, traveling forces us to step outside of our comfort zone and experience or witness things that we thought was impossible. People speaking a strange language on the street and the smells and scents from the nearby cafes or from local food stations awaken our senses. Traveling is a great escape from our boring and monotonous lives. Therefore, it induces our mind to think differently. In short, it forces us to think out of the box and be extremely innovative.


It is quite obvious that you will learn one or two native words spoken by the locals of that place. Traveling is another exciting way to learn a new language or even learn that language partly. You will gradually learn and understand the language once you start interacting with the locals. Moreover, imagine using unfamiliar words to narrates interesting adventures and stories to your friends and family members. You will definitely have a sense of pride for learning something new. It also helps you build your skills in understanding a foreign language.

Traveling makes you a better listener and a careful communicator while interacting with others. The challenges you face while traveling will give you the confidence to communicate your ideas freely. For instance, whether it is a business meeting at your new internship or brainstorming idea in a group discussion with unfamiliar faces, the experiences from traveling will help you to communicate in an effective and better way. Therefore, we can say that traveling is another way of getting a speech therapy!


Traveling is a great stress-buster. It is an ideal way to engage a depressed and anxious mind into something creative. Traveling has numerous health benefits. It reduces our stress and steers us away from the hustle and bustle of the city lives. It relieves stress through positive experiences. Traveling and exploring is the best way to meditate and exercise. It gives everyone the opportunity to try out the indigenous local foods rather than relying on junk.

The exhaustion and tiredness that one feels after traveling is a great way to get some good and relaxing sleep. It encourages mobility, movement and interaction. For instance, the fresh breeze on your face while walking down the lanes of the local market makes you lively. The fresh air and the abundance of greenery is a great escape from the pollution of the cities. It is also an escape from your 9-to-5 desk job. Forget tan, the amount of vitamin D that one gets while traveling is another interesting way to regain our lost health or even cure our existing health issues. Moreover, the time spent with your loved ones cracking jokes, laughing, playing not only strengthens the bond but also creates an aura of optimism around you.


Traveling helps you to be dependent on yourself rather than on others. The certain challenges that you face while traveling helps you to be more confident and brave. For instance, it boosts your courage while traveling to an unknown or a strange place. Situations such as bargaining with a local or asking for directions from an unfriendly passerby make you resilient and thereby forces you to think about other alternatives. This in turn makes you independent because you are exploring and understanding the place on your own.

Another instance can be hearing about the strange or scary stories of the local. Even though it makes you curious, but somewhere deep, you are scared to actually visit that place. This is where traveling can be resourceful. The amalgamation of curiosity and confidence forces you to visit that ambiguous place, only to find out that it wasn’t true. Therefore, you learn to handle obstacles and cope with challenges while traveling. It makes you brave, boosts your confidence. More importantly, it gives you the realization of how powerful being independent can be!


It is definitely true that traveling gifts us with a lifetime of experiences and memories that we can never forget. No matter how bad or troublesome your journey was, it sure left you with valuable lessons and experiences. The new friends you meet during your journey influences and inspires you. The new skills and the language you learned reminds you of the place where you first learnt it. It gives you the opportunity to try out recipes of the street foods that you savored and thus reminisce about the ‘good old days’. The dreamy landscapes and the misty mountains at the background of your beautiful pictures make your heart ache to go back to those fantasy places.

Therefore, traveling expands your awareness and makes you attentive to the world outside. Encourage yourself to travel more and accept the challenges the amazing adventure will bring. And witness for yourself the positive journey that you are going to embark on!

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