• iPhone 6s was launched in 2015 and is no longer available through Apple’s online and offline channels.
  • Many reports claimed that Apple might finally drop the iPhone 6s from the iOS 15 compatible list.
  • The iPhone 6s launched with iOS 9 and is among the oldest alongside the iPhone SE first generation that will receive the iOS 15 update.

Apple confirmed that iOS 15 would roll out to close 20 iPhone models ranging from iPhone 12 series launched in 2020 to the iPhone 6s from 2015. The next oldest device set to receive the iOS 15 update is the iPhone SE first-gen, which launched in March 2016.

Have you ever heard that an Android device older than three years is receiving a new software update? Not likely, right? Well, Apple just made a record of sorts by announcing that the iPhone 6s, a phone that launched in September 2015, will be receiving the iOS 15 update later this year. The iPhone 6s is the oldest on the compatible list alongside its bigger sibling, the iPhone 6s Plus.

While it’s no surprise that the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE may miss out on a bunch of new features introduced with the iOS 15 update. Mostly because of the hardware limitations, but anyway, it’s a promising thing for someone in the Android ecosystem and who can understand what it means to be left out of even promised software updates.

The Verge points out that the iOS 15 features like visual lookup, Live text in photos, Face time updates and some major upgrade and some other features won’t be supported on the iPhone 6s due to processor limitations.

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