The NIU product portfolio for Nepal will soon be extended with the entry of the latest model from the brand–the NIU Gova 03. With this addition, Nepalis who want to go electric will have one more option to choose from. Eco Infinity Private Limited, the sole authorized distributor of NIU scooters in Nepal, have announced that they are taking pre-bookings for the model, which will be released soon.

NIU started selling their scooters in Nepal in 2017, and currently, they offer four different models, from their N-series and M-series. The price of the models range from approximately NPR 2 lakhs to NPR 4.50 lakhs. The options are a single-seater or double-seater and single battery or double battery. The newly released model, NIU Gova 03, is a double-seater, and can be regarded as a mid-range scooter–on the basis of its price and specs details.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the facts, specs, and price of the NIU Gova 03.


The NIU Gova 03 carries over the same family design aesthetics, except for a few changes. Unlike its siblings, the N-series and M-series, which feature a round LED headlamp, the Gova 03 sports a rather rectangular one, with an ‘H’ shaped matrix lamp set. The sides of the electric scooter flaunt a streamlined design, sans the boxy aesthetics of its siblings. And lastly, the grab rail for the Gova 03 is U-shaped. Except for these design elements, the rest of the design seems similar to those on the NIU available models in Nepal–such as the side indicators just below a 542mm wide handlebar, the NIU branding on the face, comfortable seat for two people, and an LCD dashboard.

Dimension wise, the NIU Gova 03 measures 1735 x 700 x 1045 mm. The wheelbase, ground clearance, and seat height measure 1245 mm, 110 mm, and 745 mm, respectively.


The NIU Gova 03 will be powered by a high-quality 18650 lithium-ion battery cell (48V). The battery takes 6.5 hours to charge fully and will provide 70km of range. With a max power of 2700 watts, this electric scooter can reach a top speed of 64-74 kilometres per hour. Users will be able to conveniently switch between two riding modes: Energy-saving T-tour mode and Dynamic S-sport mode. User comfort on bumpy terrains is taken care of by the hydraulic damping upfront and spring-air damping on the rear–both the wheels use disc brakes. The ergonomics is enhanced by the scooter’s golden-triangle body design that distributes the centre of gravity properly and helps provide a confident riding experience.


The company has focused on making the scooter practical: the NIU Gova 03 offers a saddle box and front box for storage options. The saddle box is big enough to safely store a helmet and a few other essential items. The front bag-hook will prove to be convenient for hanging bags, and a USB port is installed for charging purposes. The crisp LCD dashboard features key information at a glance for the user, and helps them monitor their riding stats better. The switch for the driving modes is featured in the handlebar to allow smooth switching between modes. To reduce rider fatigue on long and tiring rides, the scooter comes with cruise control. The dynamic DRLs and integral wrap-around tail light are bright enough to ensure that the scooter is clearly visible from a distance. Furthermore, the FOC vector controller ensures smooth acceleration every time the user twists the throttle. Similarly, the EBS energy recycling system converts the scooter’s braking energy into battery power–a feature that will add power to the electric scooter when the user pulls the brakes. The colour options for the NIU Gova 03 are white, red, and black.


Dimensions: 1735 x 700 x 1045 mm
Wheelbase: 1245 mm
Ground clearance: 110 mm
Seat height: 745 mm
Dashboard: LCD digital console
Battery: 48V Lithium-ion
Continuous Power: 2700W peak power
Range: 64-74km
Charging time: 6.5 hours
Top speed: 60 km/h
Front suspension: Hydraulic telescopic fork
Rear suspension: Spring-air damping shock absorber
Front brake: Disc
Rear brake: Disc
Color options: White, red, and black

NIU scooter prices in Nepal
Model Price in Nepal
MQi (Single seater) NPR 1,90,000
MQi Plus NPR 2,39,000
NQi (Glossy) NPR 2,69,000
NQi (Matte) NPR 2,76,000
NQi GT NPR 4,45,000

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