The stringent COVID-19 lockdown measures hindered the delivery of goods across the nation





Nepal Supreme Court Directs the Government Not to Halt Online Shopping During Lockdown

The supreme court has passed an order directing the government to allow citizens to continue their online shopping activities. It also urged the government not to refrain the traders from delivering the goods to the destination addresses.

This directive comes amid the stringent movement curbs placed by the Nepali government to curtail the pandemic spread.

This decision was formulated by justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Kumar Chudal after Nikita Agrawal petitioned a writ, among others.


Covid Lockdown Law

The writ was fueled by the first wave encumbrances, which subjected several staffers in this sector. The staffers were detained by the police in Kathmandu last year during the lockdown.

Although the issue was settled back then, law enforcement agencies began detaining the delivery staff again this year due to the fresh lockdown curbs.

The petitioners moved the court to avoid such snafus. While directing the government, the court urged the companies to ensure the delivery agents followed the health protocols issued to curtail the pandemic.

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