The Himalayan country is doubling down on its efforts to vaccinate every citizen






Nepal Health Minister Affirms COVID-19 Vaccination of Athletes is a Priority

Health Minister Sher Tamang has assured that vaccinating athletes is a priority for the government. The Minister also added that vaccinating others is also a priority.

Tamang’s statement comes after a union of sportspeople submitted a memo. The Minister said that the athletes would be considered frontline workers and can expect good news in the next few days.

Sher Tamang said that the government was intensifying its efforts to provide essential health services even during the pandemic.


Covid Vaccine Nepal

At this meeting, the National Sports Federation asked the Minister to allocate a minimum 5,000 doses to players in Kathmandu and as many doses as required for other players across the nation.

The Federation implored the Minster that every citizen should get vaccinated for COVID-19 in the next two months.

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