Google’s Pixel 4a is a very recent addition to the company’s roster, and yet it’s already getting a pretty substantial discount at Verizon.

The phone is normally priced at $349, but right now you can pick one up from Big Red for just $240. Those are some solid savings right there.

Google Pixel 4a drops to $240 at Verizon

Of course, as you may have expected, there are caveats to mention here. First off, you need to add a new line to take advantage of this price (or be a new customer). Second, and perhaps most importantly, you have to purchase the phone on the carrier’s device installment plan, which means you won’t pay the amount outright – instead, you’ll be billed in 24 monthly installments of $10.

If none of those things are deal breakers for you, then head on over to the Source linked below to grab yourself a brand new Pixel 4a, while supplies last. And if you’re on the fence about it, don’t miss our comprehensive in-depth review.


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