Twitter Blue expands to India, Brazil and more, increases tweet limit to 4,000 characters

Twitter used to be a social media platform where users had only 140 characters to say what they had to say. Later it increased to 280, then the platform brought threads, and now Twitter Blue users are getting 4,000 characters per tweet, defeating the purpose of being clear with a handful of words.

Meanwhile the paid subscription was silently rolled to more markets. The new countries where users can purchase Twitter Blue are France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain in Europe; Saudi Arabia, India and Indonesia in Asia; and Brazil in Latin America.

Pricing for iOS and Android is the same, while Web users can pay lower fees.

Country iOS pricing
Android pricing
Web pricing
Web pricing
Saudi Arabia SAR 42 SAR 42 SAR 30 SAR 315
France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal €11 €11 €8 €84
India INR 900 INR 900 INR 650 INR 6,800
Indonesia IDR 165,000 IDR 165,000 IDR 120,000 IDR 1.25 million
Brazil BRL 60 BRL 60 BRL 42 BRL 440

Twitter Blue users receive premium features such as the ability to edit tweets, custom app icons, better navigation of tweets, folders, and a Reader feature that unrolls threads for a better reading experience.