Treat your skin with these beauty hacks from Granny’s diary

Feb 05, 2021 18:16 IST

New Delhi [India], February 5 (ANI): Ladies, if you are battling with skin issues and can’t count on the times you have drained your money on expensive cosmetic products, then it’s time for you to rejoice.
Here is a rundown of not-so-secret DIY beauty-hacks”>beauty hacks from Granny’s diary that you can create on your own from the ingredients you already have in the kitchen.
They say, “Grandma knows everything” and when it comes to beauty-hacks”>beauty hacks, there is no other better dermatologist you will find. The fact that they didn’t have access to all the beauty products and facilities we now do is what makes their natural remedy skin hacks effective. Let’s take a look at what granny’s diary says:
1. Inflamed pimple, don’t poke. Cosmetic antibacterial plaster is the solution

We often have dealt with inflamed and stubborn pimples that spread their infection after being poked. Poking the pimples can leave red marks on the skin and can even take many days do recover. What Granny says is aid the same by applying a cosmetic antibacterial plaster on the affected area. The plaster is sensitive on the skin and cures the bacterial pimple faster. You can see the changes after a day.
2. Expired yogurt? Don’t throw. Create a clay mask at home

This hack is a magical beauty remedy for getting super soft skin. If you are mistakenly left with expired yogurt, instead of throwing it away; create a clay mask for your face at home. All you need is a pinch of turmeric, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey to be mixed in the yogurt. Take a makeup brush and apply it to your face. Leave until dry and wash off with lukewarm water. See the difference it will leave on your skin.

3. Use flour to bleach your face

Do you struggle with facial hair on your face? Facial hair is one of the greatest alarming things for a lady. Instead of depleting your cash on exorbitant hair extractions and expensive products try this Granny’s hack at your home. For dry skin, use gram flour (besan atta) with curd. This will bleach and clean your skin. For oily skin, use wheat flour (normal atta) with milk. This will take care of all your beauty-related ailments, on the face.
4. Sweet syrup for super soft pink lips

Who doesn’t want a natural tint on lips? Well, granny has a hack for this too. For the scrub, mix white sugar with the same amount of coffee powder. Add few drops of olive /coconut oil, few drops of lemon juice in the mixture, and gently scrub it on your lips for 15 minutes. Repeat 1-2 times a week for best results.
For the paste, take brown sugar and mix it with the same amount of honey and desi gee or malai (cream). Massage it over your lips for 10 minutes and wash. Repeat the same 1-2 times a week for best results.
5. Vaseline blackhead removal

Blackheads on the face are just like the spots on the moon. Although they are painful, they also create blockage on the skin leading to acne problems. Instead of painful extractions, use Vaseline wrap for the ailment. Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on the affected area, layer it up with a good amount of the product, and use a plastic wrap to cover it, until it stays in place and is formed to your face. Keep it there for at least 30 minutes. After removing the wrap, use cotton buds to remove the blackheads. See how you get perfect blackhead free skin. (ANI)