Google just unveiled its 2nd generation Pixel Stand wireless charger and it’s already on sale on the company’s online store. But even if you want to spend the $79/€79 on one, you’ll still be met with an ‘Available Soon’ roadblock.

The new Google Pixel Stand is a Qi-capable wireless charger that can top up the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro at up to 23W and regular Qi-ready phones at up to 15W. There’s a built-in cooling fan that Google promises is nearly perfectly silent.

Google is shipping a 30W USB-C charger and a 1.5m USB-C cable with the Pixel Stand (2nd generation) and the stand itself weighs only 71g. It’s made from recycled TPU and polycarbonate.

Google's Pixel Stand (2nd gen) charges Pixels faster than other phones, costs $79/€79

The Pixel Stand (2nd generation) puts the Pixel 6 in portrait orientation so it’s more comfortable to monitor and interact with your Nest smart home devices.


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