Most people use a screen protector on their phone, according to last week’s poll. For some this is just the plastic protector that was installed at the factory, but the majority prefers a more durable glass protector.

This is the reason some prefer phones with a flat screen – glass protectors for such screens do exist, though they are both more expensive and more difficult to apply.

Putting on a third-party plastic protector proved to be an unpopular option. Well, it shouldn’t be that surprising, considering that most phones already have one on when you open the box. It’s a nice perk and we’re glad to see that it has become common.

Even better is having a case in the retail package. Usually you find one of those cheap, transparent silicone cases, but that seems to be good enough. In fact, most of the people who put a case on their phone opt for a silicone case.

Thin cases were the second most popular option, adding bulk to the phone is undesirable. Some mentioned that they prefer flip cases for extra protection to the screen. As we suspected bumper cases have fallen out of fashion (those glass backs need protection too).

Weekly poll results: most people have a screen protector and a case on their phone

In recent years smartphone retail packages have become more and more bare. And while we doubt we can talk Apple, Samsung and others into putting the charger back in the box, they should perhaps consider including a glass protector (instead of plastic) and a case – most people are going to use them and this saves the extra packaging and shipping of buying them separately. See? Including a case in the retail package is green.

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