Day four at Headingley, with Virat Kohli’s India resuming against Joe Root’s England. The visitors still trail by 139 runs. Can they produce another memorable comeback or will the hosts capitalise on their first-innings advantage? Get your updates on ESPNcricinfo’s blog. All timestamps are local time. Ball-by-ball is commentary available here. And here’s our live coverage in Hindi. (Please refresh your page for the latest)

It’s all over. IT’S ALL OVER!

Overton takes the last two wickets. It’s an utterly emphatic 76-run win for England.

What a breathless morning. This was almost more impressive than the first day, when England had substantial help from the conditions. Here, they had blue skies over head, and two batters who were batting comfortably the day before. They had to work a little to open the tap early in the morning, but once they did, the dismissals came like a flash flood. India lost their last eight wickets for 63 runs; their last seven for 41. It was a continuous, rapid unraveling, and they will now have to pick themselves back up.

Robinson got the most wickets by a distance, but England hunted as a pack. Anderson was excellent, and was unlucky to get more than his one breakthrough this morning. Overton, who had been good yesterday, came in to wipe out the innings. Moeen Ali produced a wicket with a terrific delivery in the middle somewhere. Sam Curran wasn’t even needed this morning.

Head over to our ball-by-ball coverage for presentation details. I’ll be back with the full report a little later.

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