In the last two fiscal years, Nepal imported 1.61 billion liters of diesel by using the pipeline.


Nepal Saves NPR 3 Bn in Fuel Transport with Cross-border Pipeline!

Nepal’s first petroleum pipeline installation has proved worthy.

The Himalayan government has saved NPR 3 billion in fuel transport costs in the span of 2 years after the construction of its first fuel pipeline.

The first cross-border fuel pipeline in South Asia connects Motihari of India to Amlekhgunj of Nepal.


The Nepal-India fuel pipeline, which became operational in September 2019, can transport petroleum products at the rate of 294 Klph.

According to the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), around 3,500 Kl of diesel is being imported from India daily through the pipeline.

Nepal Fuel Pipeline

In fiscal years 2019/20 and 2020/21, Nepal imported 1.61 billion liters of diesel by using the pipeline. In just 2 months of the current FY 2021/22, the country imported a total of 124.41 million liters of diesel through the pipeline.

“It costs an average of NPR 45,000 to transport the fuel from the Barauni depot of India to Amlekhgunj of Nepal,” said Pradip Kumar Yadav, chief of Amlekhgunj depot of NOC. “The pipeline has helped cut the costs of fuel tankers apart from reducing technical losses.”

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