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14 People Died, 7 Missing, 3 Injured in a Day!

Ten people have died in two separate landslides in Syangja district, and one each in Palpa, Baglung, Dhankuta, and Kapilvastu districts.

Nepal is highly prone to various types of natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, and avalanches, due to its rugged and fragile geophysical structure, very high Himalayan peaks, variable climatic conditions, and complex geology.

Apart from the above reasons, unplanned settlement, increasing population, weak economic conditions, and political instability have further worsened the situation.

The monsoon-induced disasters like landslides and floods have become a regular phenomenon and are on the rise in recent years.

The ongoing monsoon season has already caused severe loss of lives, property, livestock, and infrastructure.

Monsoons Trigger Landslides

Recently, on Thursday, at least 14 people lost their lives, seven went missing, and three were injured in the landslides and floods induced by incessant rainfall across the country.

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According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Authority (NDRRMA), ten people have died in two separate landslides in Syangja district, and one each in Palpa, Baglung, Dhankuta, and Kapilvastu districts.

Nine members of the same family, a seven-month-old baby, three women, two men, a teenage girl, and two boys, were killed by a landslide in Tamadi village of Waling Municipality Ward No 14 in Syangja district.

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Similarly, a 16-year-old was killed in a landslide in Kaligandaki Rural Municipality Ward No 4 in the same district.

In Palpa district, a 27-year old Motisara Gaha, a pregnant woman, and five family members went missing when a landslide buried two houses in Rambha Rural Municipality-2.

Monsoon Floods In Nepal

To make matters worse, the rescue and relief teams are not able to reach the incident sites due to bad weather conditions and road damage due to the landslides. With no respite in sight, the locals have formed search teams to look for the missing individuals.

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Meanwhile, the Meteorological Forecasting Division has warned that there will be a light to moderate rainfall with thunder and lightning across the country.

“Due to likely isolated hefty rainfalls, there will be localized flooding, landslides, and waterlogging in low lying areas,” warned the Weather Forecasting Division.

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